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So I’m Bitchblackwhore, formally the fairly well known and kinda successfull DJ/promoter known as Steve Kleenex. I spent years living a double life as a DJ/Promoter to the rest of the world and secretly a sissy slut obsessed with black cock!


I probably would have kept my sissy nature my dirty little shameful secret for the rest of my life and continued living a lie for the rest of my days if not for one faithful night where everything changed and I got outed in the most humiliating way possible via my male social media, where pictures of me dressed as a girl taking black cock were published by a group of guys that ended up owning me.

Things changed quickly after that. Although what happened initially broke me, it resulted in me learning to not only accept my true nature but also craving more

and more humiliation to the point where I've gone public via this site.


But it doesnt end there. I've been in touch with a the UK branch of the Black Cock Church and have offered to become their full time permanent slave as well as their secretary/web bitch, which is why I've created this site, as they want me to go public and be known as their property when the time comes...

Expand my Followers

Black Ownership Tattoo's

Find Work in a brothal/Gloryhole'/dungeon

HYPNO Training/Behaviour Modification

Find a Fulltime Trainer to Feminize Me

Start a Make-Up Course

Find investors/Studio's Interested in my Movie Series

Begin working for the Black Cock Church as their Web Developer/Secretary

Start serving as a full/time Slut/whore/Slave to the Black Cock Church UK

Regular All Black Gangbangs 

Chemicle Castration

Serve the Black Cock Church 24/7

Broken as a Slave/Slut

Used by BBC Regularly

Filmed taking BBC Regularly

Become famous for BBC Sissy Porn 


Real Sissy-ID Cards Available

So I can provide you with Sissy Id cards like my one, or to your own custom design for £10 each plus P&P (international rates apply). Anybody interested please feel free to contact me via . I can also offer you exposure...


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My Anal Gallery

I guess you could say I'm a anal whore To be honest I've never been comfortable taking the male role even when I could get hard it always felt alien to me. But being fucked in the ass.... Well its wrong in a way but it feels soooo right. It feels so right...

Mistress Jennifer Pain

"I am the girl from next door from Hell. Invite me round to see you, and I will stretch your limits. For shy TV's I have a collection of dildos to test you. I can be very strict and inflict pain, or be gentle and help you explore your feminine side. For...

Some Humiliation Stuff

I remember this cunt did everything for me 😂 cigarettes to my door and toook my gf to London clubs waited in the car then drove them home 😂— MISS GODDESS DEMI FOX (@goddessdemifox) 25 September...

Hormones to Feminize Me

Feminization regime Gender reassignment hormone therapy for male to female transsexuals is based on suppressing the original male characteristics by blocking male hormones and stimulating development of female secondary sexual characteristics using female hormones. ...

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